Maize Boost

Get the best out of your maize with Maize Boost, applied at 5 litres/ha at the 4-6 leaf stage in 200 litres water -the cost is £15 per ha= 1x 10l bottle is £30

As Maize can produce up to 50t/ha of fresh weight in 4 months, inevitably there is a high nutrient demand, therefore it is essential to ensure that no element restricts this.

A 40t/ha crop will remove between 145 & 160kg N/ha with a peak uptake of 210kg N/ha. Applications of manure and inorganic N need to be tailored to satisfy this demand. There are also high requirements for Phosphate and Potassium which must also be met to achieve the best yields.
Early growth is predominantly root development, and if soil temperatures are low, phosphate availability may be reduced and root growth restricted.
YaraVita Maize Boost, applied at the 4-6 leaf stage, will supply fast acting foliar phosphate with zinc, magnesium and potash for efficient uptake through the leaf.

Tank Mixing Maize Boost

Maize Boost can be tank-mixed with the majority of foliar sprays applied to maize; however, you should always check with your agronomist and further reference can be made on

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