As forage maize continues to grow in popularity, especially as a feedstock for anaerobic digestors, it remains important to get the nutrition correct to achieve the best yields
Maize can produce up to 50 t/ha of fresh weight in 4 months. This growth rate has a high nutrient demand, therefore it is key to ensure that no element restricts this. A 40 t/ha crop will remove between 145 and 160 kg N/ha, with a peak uptake of 210 kg N/ha. Applications of manure and inorganic N need to be tailored to satisfy this demand. There are also high requirements for Phosphate and Potassium which must also be met to achieve the best yields.

Early growth is predominantly root development, and if soil temperatures are low phosphate availability may be reduced and root growth restricted. YaraVita Maize Boost applied at the 4-6 leaf stage will supply fast acting foliar phosphate with zinc, magnesium and potash for efficient uptake through the leaf.
Independent research has shown that P deficient maize plants growing in cold and/or acid soils utilise phosphate that is applied to the leaf much better than those plants already receiving adequate P from the soil. The rate of uptake by leaves of the deficient plants was twice that of the control plants which had the correct fertilizer applied, much more P was translocated from the leaf – particularly to the roots which maximises early root development.

Maize Boost increased yield by over 20%
In a recent poor year for growing maize, farmers estimated that YaraVita Maize Boost used proactively at the correct timing improved crop yield by over 20%. In 2010 two farm trials conducted in a good maize growing year, raised starch analysis by an average of 20.1% following one spray at the 4 to 6 leaf stage.
Other trace element deficiencies can be seen in maize, especially where little or no organic manures are applied. Key ones to look for would be Zinc, Boron, Copper and Manganese. A foliar analysis should be carried out if unusual symptoms appear.
A fast acting foliar phosphate with zinc, magnesium and potash

Maize Boost
440 g/l P2O5 = 44% w/v: 75 g/l K2O = 7.5% w/v:
46 g/l Zn = 4.6% w/v: 40 g/l Mg = 4.0% w/v
Apply 5 l/ha at the 4-6 leaf stage in 200 l water

Tank Mixing Maize Boost
Maize Boost can be tank-mixed with the majority of foliar sprays applied to maize. However growers should always check with their agronomist or directly with your Yara representative before proceeding to tank mix.
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YaraVita Maize Boost.
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