The History of Bright Maize

One of the many show competitions won over the years!

Towards the end of the 1980s there were significant changes in the agriculture supply industry, with many companies closing and merging. It was at this time that David Bright decided that there was a need for a small professional seed merchant business that would cover niche markets, and so with the support of his wife Sue, Bright Seeds was born and soon grew into one of the biggest UK suppliers of Forage Maize Seed, Grass seed, Game cover crops & Stewardship mixtures.

In 2001, David and Sue’s son Christopher joined the family business and soon afterwards became a managing director. He brought his knowledge and enthusiasm for Wildflowers, Game cover crops and Stewardships, and started to develop these areas of the business.

David and Sue Bright receiving the Prince Phillip award in 2002 for services to the Dairy Industry

Over the years, through dedication, hard work and commitment to customers, the Brights have gone from strength to strength and are proud to have developed a highly respected family business.

In 2018 Bright Maize was created, enabling David to focus primarily on Maize but also to include Grass, Lucerne, OSR and Silage Inoculants whilst Chris could continue to develop Bright Seeds focussing on Wildflowers, Stewardships and Game cover crops.

David, Sue and Chris, 2017

Partners of bright maize

Bright Seeds is an affiliated company of Bright Maize.


Bright Seeds is the foremost supplier of cover crops in the UK. Family owned, it is one of the few independent companies in the game and conservation sector. Its nationwide network of trial sites coupled with its specialist support team, means customers can be assured of the best cover crop options and advice available.


From early spring sowing to late autumn: whether for game or stewardship – or a combination of both – Bright Seeds can tailor solutions to individual requirements. In addition to its growing national market, Bright Seeds enjoys expanding sales in Europe and beyond – and has personnel located in France, Austria and Scandinavia. It is also a leading exponent of wildflowers, supplying domestic households as well as the municipal and private sectors. Native brush-harvested seed is a particular speciality.


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As the leading Maize seed breeder for the UK, LG Seeds are pleased that Bright Maize are promoting Conclusion maize to service the UK market

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“Germinal are very pleased to supply and work alongside Bright Maize with grass, clover and brassica varieties. Together we aim to increase livestock production through increased knowledge and management of the crops.” Ben Wixey, National Agricultural Sales Manager

“We chose to work with Bright Maize, because it is a company with a competent team and good customer relations.” – Denis Vandenbossche, Export Manager Northern Europe. Caussade Semences

Bright Maize understand that it’s not only the variety choice and growing of forage for livestock and Anaerobic digestion that is important, but the way you store it that makes a difference to the bottom line –DM losses in poorly managed and covered clamps can be as high as 20%!

This is why we supply our own, unique forage inoculants and we work with silage storage expert ARK Agriculture ( who are pioneering the use of single layer OXY SEAL oxygen barrier silage sheets and sloping walled silage clamps.

ARK Agriculture can help with silage clamp design and construction, best practice advice when filling silage clamps, silage clamp covering, silage clamp regulations and repair and maintenance as well as a range of silage clamp safety accessories.

ARK Agriculture would be delighted to hear from any Bright Maize customers please phone the office to find out more.