Centurion no Clover



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2.00kgs – AberEve Hybrid Ryegrass Tetraploid
2.00kgs – AberEcho Hybrid Ryegrass Tetraploid
3.00kgs – Aston Crusader Hybrid Ryegrass Tetraploid
3.00kgs – AberSpey Perennial Ryegrass Intermediate Tetraploid
4.00kgs – Aston Energy Perennial Ryegrass Intermediate Tetraploid

Seed Rate: 14.00kgs/acre


  • Three to four years production
  • Very high yielding grasses
  • High Sugar content
  • All Tetraploid mix
  • Large aggressive seeds
  • Up to four cuts

Product bonus – add Red Clover and reduce the amount of nitrogen fertiliser required.

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