Soldier Field no Clover


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2.50kgs – AberMagic Perennial Ryegrass Intermediate Diploid
2.50kgs – AberWolf Perennial Ryegrass Intermediate Diploid
3.00kgs – Aston Energy Perennial Ryegrass Intermediate Tetraploid
3.50kgs – Calao Perennial Ryegrass Late Tetraploid
1.00kgs – Comer Timothy
0.75kgs – Laura Meadow Fescue
0.75kgs – Maxima Strong Creeping Red Fescue

Seed rate: 14.00kgs/acre


  • Sit to eight years production
  • Grazing or Hay
  • Persistent grasses, with dense bottom
  • Productive in a wide range of soil types
  • Contains traditional grasses used in hay production
  • Contains Timothy, a very persistent hardy grass

Product bonus – this mixture is also suitable for horses

This can be made into a Herbal ley by adding our Bright Maize formulated herbal pack.

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