AberPasture Clover Blend 5Kg



5kg bag.
For the 25kg bag, please visit here.

35%AberSwan Medium/Large White Clover.

20%AberDai Medium White Clover.

15%Liflex Medium White Clover.

15%AberLasting Small White Clover.

10%AberPearl Small White Clover.

5%AberAce Small White Clover.

= 100%

  • These clover mixtures appear in some of the standard Bright Maize grass mixtures. 
  • Alternatively, they can be bought in 5kg or 25kg bags and sown into an existing sward to rejuvenate an old ley.
  • Suggested Sowing rate 1-3kgs/acre.
  • A source of home-grown protein.
  • Reduces the need for expensive fertiliser. A sward with 30% clover content is capable of supplying 150-250 kgs N/Ha per year.
  • Animal forage intake improves when clover is present in the sward. This increases animal performance. More meat, more milk.

Animals that are being turned out from a low clover diet or moved from a field without clover present should be introduced to forage containing clover over a period of time as Bloat can be a problem.

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