Biogas Max




Please note: keep all product in the fridge before use.

Biogas Extra is a specialised inoculant for maize and other silage destined for anaerobic digestion. All of these products have been tailored by our expert team of microbiologists and chemists to tackle the particular challenges associated with these crops.
This is a growing market for us and sales have doubled during 2018. Resulting in an ideal fermentation profile for subsequent anaerobic digestion, Biogas Extra results in high acetic acid levels providing aerobic stability as well as enhancing the rate and quantity of biogas production. Biogas yield increases of 4.3% have been observed, providing a 3x return on the costs of Biogas Extra!

Application rates: the standard rate is 2 litres per tonne of fresh weight material, with the option of low dosage application, down to 40 ml.
for example, a 100tt sachet needs to be mixed with 200 litres of water for standard rate application.

(100tt sachets) £1.00 per t/t (tonne treated)