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3.25kgs AberEve Hybrid Ryegrass Tetraploid
3.00kgs Aston Crusader Hybrid Ryegrass Tetraploid
1.25kgs AberZeus Perennial Ryegrass Intermediate Diploid
3.00kgs AberGreen Perennial Ryegrass Intermediate Diploid
2.75kgs AberWolf Perennial Ryegrass Intermediate Diploid

Seed Rate: 14.00kgs/acre


  • Tetraploid Hybrid Ryegrass giving yields similar to Italians with the persistency potential of perennials
  • Economically priced
  • Can be used for cutting and grazing
  • High Sugar Grasses (HSG)
  • Intermediate heading Perennials giving a dense bottom helping to prevent poaching
  • Three to five+ years full production

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