Plentiful with Clover



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2.00kgs – AberEve Hybrid Ryegrass Tetraploid
2.00kgs – Aston Crusader Hybrid Ryegrass Tetraploid
2.00kgs – AberWolf Perennial Ryegrass Intermediate Diploid
2.25kgs – AberMagic Perennial Ryegrass Intermediate Diploid
2.00kgs – AberZeus Perennial Ryegrass Intermediate Diploid
3.00kgs – AberBann Perennial Ryegrass Late Diploid
0.75kgs – AberDairy White Clover Blend

Seed Rate: 14.00kgs/acre


  • Three to five+ years full production
  • High Sugar Grasses (HSG)
  • Can be used for cutting and grazing
  • Contains AberDairy a blend of medium and large leaved clovers, well suited to all livestock systems
  • Intermediate and late heading Perennials
  • Tetraploid Hybrid Ryegrass giving yields similar to Italians with the persistency potential of perennial

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